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Save 73%
10" x 12" Multi-Hit Threat Level 3 Hard Armor Plate
$300.00 $80.00
Blue Defense's Titanium/Steel plates (in conjunction with a Level IIIA Vest) is capable of stopping multiple hits from 7.62mm X 51 mm (.308...
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Save 25%
Backpack Armor Panel Insert
$200.00 $150.00
Protect your back! This handy backpack insert slips into your backpack and provides protection from some of the meanest firearms. Made with the same great...
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Save 31% Ballistic Face Mask (Half) IIIA
Ballistic Face Mask (Half) Threat Level 3A
$485.00 $335.00
Ergonomically fit, the Level 3A Ballistic Face Mask has been designed to maximize comfort while providing total front facial protection....
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Save 14% Ballistic Face Mask Threat Level 3A
Ballistic Face Mask Threat Level 3A
$400.00 $345.00
Looking to protect yourself from fragmentation and debris from high explosive charges? Are you worried about getting shot in the face point...
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Save 25%
Ballistic Shield 3A 40” x 23”
$1,875.00 $1,400.00
Our ballistic shield is our top product sold to SWAT departments across the US and worldwide. Straight forward design and ease of use, be extra secure when...
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Save 25% Tactical Vest
Basic Tactical Vest 3A
$690.00 $515.00
The BTA Vest is the most straight forward tactical vest on the market today. Providing the essential Tactical needs, you'll find that this is the ultimate...
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Save 44% Ballistic Bomb Blanket
Bomb Blanket Level 3A
$2,500.00 $1,395.00
Bomb Blankets are used for blast protection and decreasing the threat of secondary fragmentation from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Blue Defense...
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Save 7% Kevlar Pants | Bullet Proof Pants | Kevlar Leggings
Bullet Proof Pants 3A
$980.00 $910.00
Hey you! With the Legs! Yeah, you wanna keep them? Well you better buy a pair of these bad boys. Originally developed as part of our bomb squad offerings,...
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Save 23%
Ceramic Hard Armor Plate Level 4 Stand-Alone
$375.00 $290.00
This plate is designed to defeat Level 4 threats without the support of a tactical vest. It is monolithic in design and has multi-hit capability. Protect...
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Save 23%
Ceramic Triple Curve NIJ Threat Level 4 Plate
$375.00 $290.00
  NIJ Threat Level IV Triple-Curve to be used in conjunction with a level 3A vest. Multi-hit Capability Front placement   Maximum...
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Save 23% Contour Concealable Bullet Proof Vest
Contour Concealable Vest
$375.00 $290.00
Lightweight and discrete, the Contour Style is designed to allow for optimal ventilation and heat dissipation. The Contour style features full front, back,...
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Save 26% Execuvest IIIA Bullet Proof Vest
$795.00 $590.00
Executive kidnappings, murders, and attacks are up around the world.  Our Execuvest - a lightweight, custom-made vest that combines full front,...
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