Q: How do you test your armor?
A: We send our armor to nationally recognized independent labs for testing.  Once at the test labs, our armor goes through a rigorous process.  Our armor is tested against several test dimensions, which include but are not limited to: humidity, shot angle, bullet velocity, multiple impact shots, and back face deformation or blunt force-trauma.  

The most effective body armor is not only tested on its stopping power, but what is called back force defamation   or blunt force trauma.  After a bullet is stopped, the kinetic energy is absorbed into the vest and is also absorbed by the   person wearing the vest. The amount of energy the passed on by a stopped bullet is called the blunt force trauma.  Through innovative engineering and a constant iterative development cycle, our body armor exceeds industry standards for blunt force trauma and back face deformation.

For more information on the external test labs we use, visit HP White and Us Test Labs at  http://www.hpwhite.com/ and http://www.ntscorp.com/about/locations/ustl/

Q: Which level of body armor should I get?

A: Please see our ballistic charts.
Q: Are your Body Armor Vests and Bulletproof Helmets factory NEW?

Q: Do you manufacture your own Body Armor?

A: YES. Our Body Armor is made by Blue Defense and conforms to government MIL specs. If you require something specific submit the specs to us and we can match it.
Q: What kind of warranty do you carry on your products?
A: All of our body armor balistic material has a 5 year warranty from date of purchase.  Non-Ballistic components of body armor (Outer Carrier, etc) carry a one year warranty.
Q: Are your products NIJ certified?
A: Our body armor is certified under the NIJ 04 standard. We are currently in the process of certifying to the 06 standard. 
Q: Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?
A: For any orders of 10 or more, please contact us for bulk discounts. 
Q: Are there any restrictions on Shipping?
A: Shipping Level III and IV RIFLE Plates outside the US requires a U.S. State Department export permit which can take 3 weeks to 2 months, generally at least a month. Please plan your purchases accordingly.

Level II-A, Level II and Level III-A Body Armor generally does NOT require a Bureau of Industry & Security export license to most countries.

To check on Body Armor regulations in your country, or estimate import duties and taxes into your country, please consult your government.

NIJ Certified NIJ Certified