Bullet Proof Vests

The bulletproof vests are a piece of personal body armor that is worn on the torso to prevent penetration of a bullet. The bullet proof vests are typically worn by law enforcement, military and body guards. The modern bullet proof vests in the soft form are made from a variety of laminated woven fabrics. Bulletproof vests also have the option of including a metal or plastic plate for additional protection.

Bulletproof vests are designed to catch the bullet and allow it to spread in a dish like shape throughout the vest preventing actual penetration of the bullet. Portion of the bullet may actually penetrate a few layers of the bulletproof vests. The bullet proof vests is designed to limit the energy of the bullet as it enters the vest and reaches heavier vest fibers. Although those wearing bullet proof vests are protected against bullets and shrapnel from a small explosive such as a grenade there is little protection with bulletproof vests against knives or other objects that could puncture through the bullet proof vests. Plastic or metal plates are added to sensitive areas of the bulletproof vests to provide some protection against those types of injuries.

Bulletproof Vest

The first indication of a bullet proof vest for sale was in 1847 in Dublin, Ireland. In the 1860’s a new style of bullet proof vest for sale was available in Joseon, Korea. These bulletproof vests were used in a war against the US Navy in 1871 where the USA captured Korean bullet proof vests returning it to the United States where it remained in the Smithsonian. The first bullet proof vests available and designed in the United States was during World War I when a chrome and nickel body shield was designed that could withstand bullets at 2700 feet. These first US designed body armor was not really anything like today’s bulletproof vests it was very heavy and cumbersome. In the late 1920’s the first bullet proof vest for sale were designed by criminals and eventually sold to the FBI. Throughout the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s the United States worked on developing better bullet proof vests. By 1969 American Body Armor had a bullet proof vest for sale. These bullet proof vests were nylon based with inner steel plates and were designed for law enforcement. The bullet proof vest for sale was called the “Barrier Vest” and was the very first police bulletproof vests. The various types of bullet proof vest for sale continued to improve through the 1980’s with a number of different styles of bulletproof vests introduced by American Body Armor and Second Chance Body Armor. By the 1985 over half of all law enforcement was using some type of bullet proof vests for protection on a daily basis. The number of law enforcement saved by bullet proof vests reached 2000 in 2006. Today, almost all law enforcement wears some type of bulletproof vests.

A variety of different fabrics have been introduced since the 1970’s and 80’s where Kevlar was most prevalent in bulletproof vests. As fabrics for bulletproof vests get introduced they become a lighter and easier for law enforcement to use. The lighter bullet proof vests are the easier it becomes for an officer to have his full range of motion. A bullet proof vest for sale has also been designed for law enforcement animals.

Actual performance standards of the bullet proof vests designed varies throughout the world when selling a bullet proof vest for sale. The reason for this is because every region has different styles and levels of ammunition that the bullet proof vests would be needed for. Many times when an officer is killed in the line of duty it when his own weapon was turned on him even when wearing bulletproof vests. Because of this each law enforcement agency designs their own code that the bullet proof vests must meet to protect them from their own weapon. A general armor level table has been designed for the bullet proof vest for sale and what type of protection it will provide. The levels for bullet proof vest for sale range from a level I through a level IV that would provide the highest level of protection in a bulletproof vests. It is important to understand these levels when looking for a bullet proof vest for sale.

Bullet Proof Vest For Sale

Different bullet proof vest for sale need to be fitted for each individual so the breast plates and other portions of the protection fit correctly. When a bullet proof vest for sale does not have the fitting done properly the bullet proof vests can become useless. There are generally two different types of bullet proof vests one that is worn under the clothing and the other style of bulletproof vests that is worn on the outside of their clothing. The type of bullet proof vest for sale and used by the military or tactile police units is typically bulletproof vests that will include various hooks and latches so other equipment can be attached for easy access. The bullet proof vest for sale that is worn under the clothing would not include those same types of attachments. When worn under clothing a bullet proof vest for sale should be hidden by the clothing and not seen.

The technology behind bulletproof vests has come a long way over the years since the first bullet proof vest for sale was documented. The newest bullet proof vests provide the maximum protection possible for law enforcement and others who need additional protection. The bullet proof vest for sale can be a great option for anyone feeling they need extra protection which may include hunters, security guards or school liaisons.