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Kevlar Pants | Bullet Proof Pants | Kevlar Leggings

Bullet Proof Pants 3A

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Hey you! With the Legs! Yeah, you wanna keep them? Well you better buy a pair of these bad boys. Originally developed as part of our bomb squad offerings, these Kevlar Pants will save you from most bomb threats including hand grenades, pipe bombs, C4 explosives, and everything else under the 3A umbrella (.357, 9mm, .40 cal). Coming in at a mere 3 lbs. These bullet proof pants could be your wall between a wheel chair and walking.

Kelvar Pants / Bullet Proof Pants / Kevlar Leggings Quick Facts

Protection level



  • Standard Size –
    • Length - 31” (78.74cm)
    • Width at thigh - 20” (50.8cm)
    • Width at Calf – 17” (43.18cm)
  • Available in Custom Sizes


Brown, Navy, Black, Tan, Forest Camo, Camo,

Can be sewn into denim pants


  • Full Front and partial side protection
  • Removable Ballistic Panel
  • Adjustable Velcro Belt loop with quick-release plastic snap – to keep chaps in place
  • 3 Adjustable, Elastic straps with velcro at thigh, knee, and calf to ensure secure fit and comfort
  • Slight cutout at bottom to fit over footwear
  • Can be made to fit denim pants for discrete ballistic leg protection
  • Protection from:
    • Two DM-51 Hand Grenades
    • One 1 lbs. Pipe bomb
    • .22 Cal 17 gn FS pave. V50: 1568 ft/s and 1573 ft/s

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