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Polyethylene Ballistic Plate NIJ Threat Level 3 Single Curve Stand-Alone

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An ultra-light rifle plate, the PBP provide excellent protection against high velocity rounds. The PBP is well suited for water (salt water) environments as well as conditions involving heavy vibration. Although this plate is rated NIJ Threat Level 3, additional support with a level III-A vest is needed for semi-armor piercing rounds.


  • Ultra light weight, and composed of multiple layers of high-performance, high pressure polyethylene fiber material. Aircraft grade engineering in a hard armor plate.
  • Exceeds NIJ 0108.01 Threat Level IIIA Standard - Stand Alone
  • Independently tested to defeat special threat rounds beyond NIJ Level IIIA
  • Traps the round - eliminating spalling and fragmentation typically found in other hard armor plates made out of stainless steel, titanium, or other alloy materials
  • This Hard Armor Plate is covered in rugged 200 denier nylon to provide protection from everyday wear and tear
  • Single 18 degree curvature, subtle and contour forming for any Hard Armor Plate


Quick Facts at a Glance:





    10" x 12" (25.4cm x 30.48cm)   



WEIGHT ( lbs. )  



    3.4 (1.5 kg)   


THICKNESS ( inches )


   1.18 (3 cm)


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